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Today’s post will be a little different. I want to talk about items I discovered in my sewing journey that made it easier for me to sew. And I want to focus on the cheaper ones first. I also want to focus on the ones that are not that trivial at all – I mean, there are plenty of cheap sewing accessories like small scissors, seam ripper and chalk, but the following items were surprisingly helpful for me and I feel the world needs to know about them. Or maybe the world already knows, and I’m just late to the party. Let’s start!

That Purple Thang

What is that thang? It’s purple. But it’s surprisingly useful!

It has a small seam gauge on one side, and a little foot on the other. I use it A LOT when I need to ease fabric into the machine like so:

There’s a limit of how close you can get to the edge with your fingers. I’ve already got hit once by the foot – thank goddess it’s wasn’t the needle! That purple thang is a finger saver!

It also helps with slippery fabrics, with easing and gathering. Overall the best tiny tool I own.

It can also be used as a point turner

Link to Amazon.

Magnetic Sewing Guide

At first, this thing looked like a gimmick – I didn’t really believed it would work. But! This magnetic guide does produce straighter lines, and it also helps to push out needles that you forgot to remove. Sounds weird but it works. One thing to make sure is that your fabric lays flat next to the guide and that the edging is not folding on it. This will mean your seam allowance will be bigger than you’re trying to do.

Link to Amazon.

Seam Gauge

If you have a ruler, why do you even need a seam gauge??! Well, you do. A seam gauge is a ruler, but it also has this little thingy that is marking what you’re trying to measure. It makes the measuring so much clearer. A ruler has all the lines, which makes it confusing. Especially when sewing in the middle of the night when you’re tired!

See the difference? I’m measuring 5/8” and it’s so much easier with the seam gauge. Oh, and it also can be used as a point turner!

Link to Amazon.


Well, this one is embarrassing. I knew, obviously, that thimbles existed. My mom has one and she’s a sewist so I knew it was a thing. I even owned one, in the wrong size, and never used it. But each sewist has to have one in their sewing bag. Right?

Well, at some point, I think it was when I started watching vintage sewing YouTube channels, I saw them using thimbles. And when I started going into more difficult sewing patterns, basting stitches and hand stitches started appearing more often. So I opened YouTube and discovered I have no idea how to hand sew. I thought I knew, but I was wearing the thimble on the wrong finger.

After this shocking turn of events, I bought a nice leather thimble that actually fits me and I absolutely love it. Hand sawing is really therapeutic especially when you produce uniform and exact spaces between stitches. Also, the possibilities are endless!

Link to Amazon.

Patchwork Foot

It was incredibly useful while sewing my Zamora blouse to make pretty straight lines on the blouse’s gathers.

Ok this little guy was a huge win. I found that foot without realizing its full potential. I bought it because it was on sale in my local sewing store for just $1! I had to buy it. This foot has a 1/4” guide on one side, and a 1/8” on the other. I use the 1/8” all the time when I am topstitching something. It’s a small seam and this guide really helps with that mission, especially when it’s not super easy for you to produce straight lines.

Link to Amazon.

Those are my favorite items! Let me know in the comments what are your favorite cheap sewing accessories you simply can’t live without.

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Hi! I am Sofia (as in Sofi Creates), and I was always super crafty. But life took me to a different direction and I am now a full time Software Engineer (and a mom...). I still try to DIY as much as possible - I like to learn new things to make, and I thought why not share the knowledge I am accumulating, right? So I will use this blog to upload some of my creations, new things I have discovered, patterns I tried etc. Hope you'd like it!

One thought on “5 Items Under $20 That Improved my Sewing

  1. Although I have been a seamstress for many years I do not know the little things that help sew. I learned a lot. Thanks.


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