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2021 brought an important New Years resolution for me – I want to sew most of my clothes. Whatever I can sew I will, and only things I haven’t learned yet I will buy. Like lingerie or active wear, that I still don’t have the skill to do.

Another important resolution was to build my skill, to not be scared off things that are advanced – as only pushing myself forward and getting outside of the box will bring results.

So the first project I took upon myself was the Zamora blouse by Itch to Stitch. It’s an advanced project and has many steps and lots of fine details. Exactly what I was looking for! The best thing about this pattern – is that it has a cup size! I always find myself struggling with clothes (and patterns) that are drafted for a B cup (I’m a D). When I put my bust measurements into the table, I get a pretty big size that ends up huge in the back or shoulders, or gaping in the upper bust.

I’ve got that super pretty and drapy crepe

Usually what I do is print the full pattern in A0 format, then transfer it to tracing paper if I need to grade. This pattern has lots of small details so it’s recommended to print in “layers”.

I chose size 12 with cup D.

Yes, those are tuna cans.
I used my favorite frixion pen for put in the darts and the yellow thread as tailors tucks for marking
I transformed the pen markings and used a basting thread in top, because the pen would disappear when I will iron those lines, before stitching
This is how it looks after ironing and before stitching those in place
I used my crafts foot that has a 1/8” indicator. That was very handy!
Off to the other side!
My tailor’s ham came in handy for ironing those bust darts
…and for other things, too
Super proud of myself with all those basting hand stitching. That’s a ladder stitch by the way. I even used a thimble!
Almost there!

At this point I realised I messed up with the sizing and cut a size 12 when I was supposed to cut a size 14. So I was thinking a lot about this and thought about adding side panels, but in the end decided to just not sew in the waist and back darts and it turned out great.

LOVE the bow

And of course when your blouse matches your ice cream, it’s always a bonus!

Overall it’s a great pattern! The instructions are super clear, and even if it’s an advanced I didn’t feel like I was overwhelmed or anything. The cup size is amazing and fits right. I already bought multiple other patterns from Itch to Stitch and going to try them all.

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Hi! I am Sofia (as in Sofi Creates), and I was always super crafty. But life took me to a different direction and I am now a full time Software Engineer (and a mom...). I still try to DIY as much as possible - I like to learn new things to make, and I thought why not share the knowledge I am accumulating, right? So I will use this blog to upload some of my creations, new things I have discovered, patterns I tried etc. Hope you'd like it!

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