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My son doesn’t like to wear shorts. Like – at all. The only time we were able to convince him they are fun was when we took a long weekend vacation in Whistler last summer. But then we came back to reality, tried to get him to wear short and he said “Shorts are for vacation. We’re not on vacation anymore”. Go argue with that (he was 3 at the time).

But it can get super hot outside and wearing terry or fleece joggers is simply too much. I ordered a bunch of summer lightweight joggers here and there, but mostly they were pretty hard to find in the stores. So I got 2 yards of super lightweight knit, black, to make some basic joggers for him to wear.

The joggers are part of I call “Cutting Weekend 1” that you can read more about here

The pattern is from Etsy, from Made By Me patterns. I had it forever, but never got to sew this. So summer is sort of here already, and I had my projector calibrated, I was able to squeeze 3 pairs of those joggers from the 2 meters of Jersey I had. I absolutely loved the communication with the creator of the pattern. When I bought the raglan hoodie from her I noticed that the hoodie pattern has a projector file, but the joggers didn’t (I bought the pattern on July 2020). I sent her an email and attached the purchase confirmation, so she sent me the joggers projector file almost instantly. It was really great.

This time, since I was making 3 absolutely identical garments, I decided to work in a “production line” setting. Meaning, I will be repeating the same steps for all 3 sequentially. First step of the pattern is attaching the pocket, so I will be attaching the pocket to all of the pants first, then continue to the next step for all of them. Final step is the cuffs, so I will be doing those on all 3 in the end. I thought that this way it will take less time, and I think it turned out well. I also learned my lesson from the raglan hoodie fiasco and sewed really slow and careful on the serger, basting where I didn’t feel super confident.

At some point I thought that the joggers will fit my son more like leggings, which was not what I was aiming for, but they actually turned out to be loose. I liked the fit, I made the 5Y for my 4 year old as he’s kinda tall.

The pattern is super clear and I do recommend! The only part that was annoying was the insertion of the elastic to the waistband. I was using a safety pin and I think there are specialized tools that I can purchase for that purpose. If you have any ideas please comment on the post!

The final result and a big pile of serger mess

And here’s my little monkey modeling that third pair that is not in the picture

Overall this was a cute little fast project, It took me a couple of hours to get to the point it was almost done but I just needed to connect the waistband. Production line sewing is efficient! But I did discover it was a little boring at some points. I had some music and inspiration sewing videos in the background.

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Hi! I am Sofia (as in Sofi Creates), and I was always super crafty. But life took me to a different direction and I am now a full time Software Engineer (and a mom...). I still try to DIY as much as possible - I like to learn new things to make, and I thought why not share the knowledge I am accumulating, right? So I will use this blog to upload some of my creations, new things I have discovered, patterns I tried etc. Hope you'd like it!

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